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Fremont Oktoberfest

Oktobefest + Phodder = Mobile Party.

It's almost like a new drinking buddy. - John Cook, TechFlash.com

When Fremont Oktobefest contacted us to help develop an app, they knew they wanted something to generate buzz. We did them one better: we helped them become the buzz.

In addition to allowing users to browse Fremont Oktoberfests extensive list of beers and brewers, our developers created a platform to allow festival visitors to rate beers and post their ratings on Facebook and Twitter, helping to generate a sustained conversation around the festival.

"The iPhone App that Phodder designed and created for us went above and beyond our wildest expectations. They developed creative concepts for us, like the beer rating scale, which ended up being the highlight of the application. The whole team at Phodder really held our hands through the process and took the time to make sure we understood every detail to what this new technology was and how to utilize the opportunity. And best of all, we saw increased media coverage on our event just because of the cutting-edge concept and design that Phodder produced in the new app, which in turn helped us achieve a higher revenue. This was the talk of the event!"

- Kelly, Bold Hat Productions